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We know leading a business beyond South Africa means you’re navigating some pretty complex hurdles. We get it – because we’ve been trudging through it, too, for over 2 decades.

From ever-evolving regulations to limited infrastructure and cultural nuances, there’s a lot to navigate. 

And the thing is – hiring leaders with the experience to handle these intricacies is the difference between average and great results for your business!

Here’s the big question: Are you confident you’ve covered all your bases to find and appoint the right leaders?

Do you know if there is a sufficient talent pool in the country you’re looking to make an appointment?

✓ Does your offer have all the ‘bells and whistles’ needed to secure a top candidate? ✓ Does your offer ensure parity between local employees and executives based at your headquarters?

✓ With low LinkedIn penetration and limited or outdated information on company websites about executives, do you actually have access to the right people in the right markets?

✓ Are you prepared for delays due to limited infrastructure, cultural issues, public holidays, or shutdown periods on the continent?
✓ What impact will hybrid work have on interviews, site visits, and relocation?

✓ Is your HR team aware of all the legal implications of hiring for the country you’re working in?
✓ Do you need to appoint an Employer of Record or incorporate a new entity to ensure you’re able to employ your preferred candidate(s)?

We’ve placed hundreds of stand-out leaders across Africa. Our awesome team at Jack Hammer understands the landscape and what trips companies up.

Let’s make sure you’re set up for success!

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