Great Leaders

When people fit, they reveal their greatness.
And everyone thrives.

Jack Hammer

In Africa, Jack Hammer is known as the top executive placement firm with presence in all of its main markets.

Jack Hammer

In the US, our executive recruiters are immersed in disruptive industries, with a focus on Ed-tech.

Industrial &

Our I & M division helps mid-tier industrial and manufacturing companies worldwide build their leadership teams.

“The executive search process is designed to get to the end result that everyone wants. But unfortunately, most search firms don’t REALLY deliver the process that they promise. So honestly, it was so refreshing to see it happen with JH.

It’s both science and magic. The process is the process – and then comes the magic because you need to be convincing, you need to get them excited about the company – you need to motivate that person.”
– Gill Hardy, Head of Executive Talent EMEA: WPP

“Jack Hammer allows me and my leaders to understand that their job is not to fill a role. Their job is to inform whether we should be filling a role or not in the first place. And that’s a different ball game altogether.”
– Linda Strydom, Executive Talent Acquisition Partner: Prosus

“It has been a great privilege for me to finally have the chance to work with you – and to see the consistency and professionalism you bring from both a board and hiring manager perspective.

Congratulations on all you continue to do to grow Jack Hammer and have impact on the world!”
– Chris Bradford, co-Founder and CEO: African Leadership Academy

“First and most important I think we found an ideal candidate. The process agreed for the search was implemented to plan. All in all a very positive experience; I would recommend your firm and I would rate your service highly.”
– Steve Ross, Board Director: Christel House International

“I have such appreciation for all the hard work done on the recruitment side and all in record time. We can be quite difficult but Jack Hammer’s efforts have really given us momentum in South Africa. They have laid a great foundation for us.”
– Tava Madzinga
“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jack Hammer; very professional service offering which delivered us an excellent set of candidates, Many thanks and look forward to working with you again.”
– Bruce Steen
“One phrase I learned from Jack Hammer is “we don’t look at the problem, we look at the solution. Jack Hammer matches the need of the company and the individual. This sounds simple but is very difficult to achieve. Jack Hammer perfected this in my process.”
– Thys van Zyl, Finance Director: Rijk Zwaan
“We worked with Jack Hammer on recruiting a very specific profile for an industrial start up. They captured our challenges well, despite the unusual mandate. Candidates were of high calibre with some original profiles, which enriched our thinking. Overall a great experience; we’ve experienced the same professionalism with the whole team.”
– Jerome Boyet, Managing Director: TMH Africa

Relentlessly looking beyond the obvious

Executive Search

Great leaders are hard to find. So our executive recruiters look beyond the obvious – sometimes in unlikely places – drilling deep from start to finish. We give you a honed set of choices that fit your business, and help you navigate the process of selecting and appointing the right leader.

Talent Mapping

We help you make your best and most informed decisions about the current market of talent. Talent Mapping provides assurance on important business (and people) decisions, by giving you the data and insights you need right now.

Non-Executive Directors

Our executive search services include a blend of executive search and networking, providing you with a longlist, and helping you appoint diverse non-executive directors who enrich strategy, support and challenge the executive leadership team.

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We’re clear about our purpose – finding leaders who grow great companies.
Because when people fit, they reveal their greatness, and everyone thrives.

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