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We find leaders who create great workplaces, where people and ideas flourish.

Jack Hammer Africa is Africa’s largest executive search and placement firm. For more than two decades, we’ve been helping companies, NPOs, and venture capital investors with a presence in Africa to find leaders who are innovators, builders, and champions of change. Leaders who create great workplaces where people and ideas flourish.

Our clients want to hire remarkable people. Leaders who are excellent at what they do, and who are a great fit. Because when people fit, they reveal their greatness, and then everyone THRIVES.

Jack Hammer is the most courageous executive search firm I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They represent the top 5% of leaders and conduct the search with pinpoint accuracy.

Our executive search method is both science and art. It’s a process that takes meticulous precision, utilizing data and creativity, rigor and empathy, and an unwavering willingness to do the right thing, with no shortcuts.

We look beyond the obvious, keeping it real, helping our clients and candidates to make great hiring and career decisions. Digging deep, and hammering away, until we’ve found the right ones.

That’s why we’re called Jack Hammer.

Jack Hammer is rated in the top 3 best executive placement firms in South Africa, and is the largest executive search recruitment agency in Africa with on-the-ground presence in all the major markets.


The company is established in South Africa, is originally known as ‘Hunt Executive Search’, and focuses on retained executive search.


We rebrand to ‘Jack Hammer’. Why this somewhat quirky name, which is NOT named after its company founder? For those in the know, a jackhammer is a power-tool that digs deep beneath the surface and shakes things up. Our maverick founder thought this was a perfect name for our (then) all-female team.


Jack Hammer makes it through the global financial crisis with flying colours. As an independent boutique, we are rated one of South Africa’s top 3 executive search firms.

We are invited to become members of IRC Global Executive Search Partners (now Kestria, the world’s largest executive search alliance).

Our daily ‘IntheFlow’ practice becomes an integral part of our culture and values. Close to half of our team starts working remotely, and we abolish our leave policy. We actively work on creating a culture of autonomy, accountability and freedom. This really works for us!

Jack Hammer becomes known as Africa’s largest executive search firm, with partners in South Africa (covering SA, Zambia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola and Zimbabwe), Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Egypt.

We set foot further afield, establishing a presence in the USA. Our credentials earned helping companies in Africa diversify their boards and leadership teams stands us in good stead in the US.


Jack Hammer Global now includes Jack Hammer Africa, Jack Hammer USA (Rated Top 5 Executive Search firm in Edtech in the USA), OntheBlock (talent solutions & coaching for Web3 companies), and Virtual Coaching Partners (an online leadership coaching platform).

We are inspired by our vision: to become a significant global brand; and by our purpose: to find and develop great leaders.

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