Zinzi Baatjes

Client Liaison
National Diploma: Office Management and Technology
Zinzi is the undisputed champion of organisation at Jack Hammer. So much so that several of our executive clients have tried to headhunt her away from us. Thankfully, the variety of her portfolio, amazing work friends and ongoing learning opportunities at Jack Hammer are enough to keep her stimulated, but we can’t say we blame them for trying. Zinzi’s true talent is being able to juggle multiple conflicting interests and ensure happy outcomes for all, which she does with a smile and helping of humour on the side.

She is incredibly resourceful and enjoys being recognised for “making things happen”. Her willingness to go the extra mile for colleagues and clients is well-known, as is her ability find a meme that matches any occasion! When she’s not managing diaries, organising interviews or researching some new way to delight a client, she can be found entertaining her three year old daughter with music. Although she hasn’t picked up her cello in a while, she still enjoys a good dance party.

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