Busting the 5 behaviours keeping you stuck in a rut

Advaita Naidoo, Africa MD at Jack Hammer, joins Gugulethu Mfuphi on Kaya Biz to help listeners understand how to avoid being stuck in a rut, adapt behaviours, and equip themselves to change gears and propel them into cruise control with their careers.

Advaita says it’ not uncommon for people to feel stifled in their professional lives, and no matter how many hours they dedicate to their career, they may not see any progress, or room for growth.

“There’s a number of factors that contribute to this ‘sluggishness’, especially around this time of the year, when year-end fatigue starts to set in.

Some of these manifest as career-limiting factors, which employees can easily flip to become career-enhancing factors, to help people bust the behaviours that’s keeping them stuck in a rut.

If you feel your contribution isn’t being acknowledged, it’s probably a good idea to take a step back and become a little more strategic in managing your career, and communicating your value and accomplishments on an on-going basis.”

Advaita Naidoo, Africa MD at Jack Hammer

Advaita shares that feeling stagnant can leave employees frustrated and disheartened, particularly if they believe they’ve done everything by the book to excel in their careers.

“More often than not, the problem isn’t with their effort or dedication, but rather with certain beliefs or behaviours that have become ingrained in their professional lives.

Take the credit where it’s due and own your successes.

There’s something called proximity bias, and that is when people are physically closer to their managers and team leaders, have a better chance of advancing than those employees who are working remotely.

So, it’s really a case of out of sight out of mind.”

Listen to the conversation on Kaya Biz:

5 behaviours keeping you stuck in a rut

  • If working remotely, stop working at the kitchen table because it gives the impression that work is not your primary focus. Have a dedicated space for you to work from.
  • When it comes to in-office time, use your space as a place of purpose and connection
  • Work with your colleagues as often as the situation allows
  • Take the credit where it’s due and own your successes
  • Neglecting social capital can stifle you. So cultivate relationships with colleagues who can act as mentors and role-models who will have your back. Form your alliances with people who will be brutally honest with you.


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