Essential Checklist for Hiring Women in Leadership Roles

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If you’re struggling to hire and retain women for key leadership roles in your company, you’re not alone! 

Women are ditching inflexible workplaces left and right. (The media went wild about our ‘The Great Break-Up’ feature a short while ago that breaks down this trend – you can check out the article here if you’re curious.) 

Therefore, it’s time to get the basics right, once and for all. If there’s a true intention to have a gender-diverse leadership team, the only way to succeed is to ensure you have these foundational elements right:

1. Promote gender equality through company policies

Does your policy framework include flexible working hours,
paid parental leave, and equal pay for equal work?

2. Diversify the talent pool by diversifying your recruiting partners

Do your 3rd party recruitment partners and executive search firms have a track record of sourcing and placing top women in key leadership roles? Are the search partners female, themselves?

3. Showcase your EVP (Employer Value Proposition)

Does your company host women-focused networking events, sponsor relevant talent and career-oriented organizations, and actively seek to cultivate relationships with potential female candidates?

4. Address unconscious bias – once and for all

Does your company have a handle on unconscious bias yet?It’s time that all hiring managers recognize and overcome their unconscious biases, and regularly review their hiring processes to ensure they are fair and unbiased.

5. Support women in leadership development

Does your company invest in leadership development programs that are specifically designed for women, and provide mentorship and sponsorship opportunities to help women advance their careers?

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