Stronger Together

Jack Hammer recently released our annual bonus and salary survey, where we unpack whether SA executives are expecting incentives (nee, meneer) or pay increases (aikona) in the coming year. Given the state of the economy, the results were unsurprising – respondents are realistically not anticipating any great financial windfalls next year.

But what struck us as interesting (and inspiring!) was that, despite the perceived gloom, more than 2/3 of our respondents said that they’re positive about the year ahead and potential growth prospects, both for their companies and South Africa as a whole.

We know that, as South Africans, we’re a resilient and optimistic bunch. We thrive on challenge and can always be counted on to pull up our socks and deliver.

Which brings me to our recent RWC victory. The Springboks dominated the tournament with a combination of really strong forward play and a kicking game that saw our flyhalf being the top points-scorer for the entire competition.

What does this have to do with the corporate world? Well, in and of itself, nothing of course. But the resultant joy and emotion that has seeped into the pores of every South African since then is indicative of something bigger. The tagline of Stronger Together is something that every business can embrace. Yes, times are tough, but we can harness the resilience, positivity and willingness to be part of something bigger (together) to ride out this tough wave.

So, as a leader, whether you want to rely on an aggressive front line, driving sales to grow your market share, or innovate for some quicker wins a la a penalty kick or drop goal, make sure your teams are taken along with you. They want you to succeed. They’re counting on it. Our results don’t lie.

Advaita Naidoo

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