Tanya Van Court, CEO of Goalsetter: From Corporate Exec to Tech Entrepreneur

“I launched Goalsetter with the hope of changing these kids who were senders and spenders of money into savers and investors and financially knowledgeable and capable by the time they left their parents’ houses.”

– Tanya Van Court

How’s this for a career transition – from a corporate executive in influential media networks to a mission-oriented tech entrepreneur. Our guest on this week’s episode of the On Work and Revolution Podcast did just that and more. Tanya Van Court is the founder and CEO of Goalsetter, a financial literacy platform for kids and families.

We dig into:

✓ Tanya’s dot-com bubble burst predicament that ultimately paved the way for her exciting journey
Goalsetter’s mission to revolutionize financial education for children
✓ How Tanya persevered despite difficulty raising funds due to that fact that less than 2% of venture capital funding goes to women, and even less to women of color

About our guest, Tanya Van Court:

Tanya Van Court is the Founder and CEO of Goalsetter. Prior to launching Goalsetter, Van Court ran preschool and parenting digital products at Nickelodeon, where she led NickJr.com and Noggin.com, along with Nickelodeon’s parenting initiatives. Van Court was also responsible for launching major consumer products in large media companies, including Optimum Voice at Cablevision and ESPN3 at ESPN. Van Court was inspired to launch Goalsetter by her daughter, Gabrielle, who said that for her 9th birthday, she hoped to receive enough money to start an investment account and buy a new bike. Instead, she received a “Make Your Own Gum” kit, two weaving looms, a butterfly conservatory (with already-dead butterflies), and a rainbow loom to sit alongside the one she already had. Van Court has two degrees in Industrial Engineering from Stanford, and three degrees in parenting from her kids Gabrielle, Hendrix, and Maxwell.

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