Susan Liu: COO Parallel Learning – Hiring for Start-ups in the New Talent Climate

“We’ve been able to stake some really amazing talent in the field and in general, I just sense that it is, it is very much an employer’s market right now.”

– Susan Liu

The cheese has officially moved everyone! I still hear from candidates that their compensation packages were much higher two years ago, you know, before the financial crisis free fall. Today, with so much incredible talent floating around, it seems the tables have flipped once again and we’re currently finding ourselves in an employer’s market. And there’s no one better to unpack these trends than today’s podcast guest! Susan Liu is the Chief Operating Officer of Parallel Learning and an expert at building teams from the ground up. She offers invaluable insights for anyone navigating the world of startups, hiring, and career progression in today’s dynamic environment.

Debbie & Susan dig into:

✓ A challenging decision and major pivot Susan had to make
✓ The importance of building sustainable businesses over chasing inflated valuations
✓ Major pitfalls to avoid when negotiating your salary packages 

About our guest, Susan Liu:

Susan Liu is the Chief Operating Officer or Parallel Learning. She is an experienced start-up operator with a passion for building teams from the ground up. Prior to Parallel, Susan was previously VP of Clinical Operations at Cerebral Inc., a fast-growing online mental health company where she led the clinical operations and customer service function through a period of rapid growth from pre-Series A to a multibillion valuation Series C. Susan scaled the operations to serve over 200,000 patients in less than 2 years and grew the clinical network from <100 to over 2,000 nationwide in less than 1.5 years. Susan was also a founding team member of Northspyre,  a real estate productivity and intelligence solution, where she grew the company from launch to over $4B+ of capital projects under management. 

Susan has a background in both strategy and public health. Susan has led teams at the Boston Consulting Group and at the Clinton Health Access Initiative to improve access to health care in low-income countries. 

A proud immigrant and beneficiary of the public school system, Susan is a Yale graduate, holding dual Masters degrees from both Wharton and Harvard. She is dedicated to enhancing accessibility in education and bolstering opportunities for youths of all ages. She, along with her husband and daughter, resides in Atlanta.

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