Steve Kupfer: Partner, Reach Capital – Who Will Get Funded in 2024?

“If you don’t have the right people, it doesn’t matter how sound your thesis and your market analysis is, it’s going to be really hard to be successful.”

– Steve Kupfer

There are so many soundbites fom this podcast episode that I selfishly wanted to swipe and use on the website, or at least an email or two. Steve Kupfer is a partner at Reach Capital, and seasoned investor in the EdTech sector with a really impressive portfolio of high growth companies. We go through many pages of Steve’s personal playbook, including building resilient teams to ensure company success.  

Debbie & Steve dig into:

✓ why a learning mindset is critical for founders
✓ how to navigate challenges effectively
✓ what’s ahead for the industry in 2024

About our guest, Steve Kupfer:

Steve has spent his career supporting entrepreneurs and educators in a variety of roles. He’s led software implementations in large urban school districts, including the first digital special education platform in post-Katrina New Orleans. Influenced by the impact of strong executive leadership, he spent several years recruiting and training hundreds of school superintendents in the critical areas of board governance, collective bargaining, political mapping, media relations, community engagement, and bond measure strategy. With firsthand exposure to district challenges and inspired by the big visions of ambitious founders, Steve made seed investments in Presence, Ellevation, Paper, BookNook and several other market-leading technology businesses. He also works as an operating partner on the Knowledge and Learning team at The Vistria Group, a private equity firm focused on high-impact middle market business.

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