Start-up Talent: What Matters Most to Investors with Rita Ferrandino of Arc Capital

“The amount of time and effort it takes to identify your hiring need, find the best candidates, interview them, check their references – it’s time you’re not spending investing, selling in your business, or building your product.”

– Rita Ferrandino

Rita’s debut on the On Work and Revolution podcast went down in history as the number 1 downloaded episode of Season2, so… Rita Ferrandino is back in the guest chair! (If you missed it, you can listen to Rita’s first episode here.) And once again, she brings wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom, specifically, for founders who are looking to secure funding in EdTech! Rita underscores the pivotal role of strong leadership teams in attracting investors, emphasizing the need for adaptable, skilled individuals over prestigious pedigrees. With Edtech funding returning to pre-pandemic levels, Rita has sage advice for founders you don’t want to miss.

Debbie & Rita dig into:

✓ where the founder DIY mentality falls short (I’ll give you a hint – leave the hiring to the experts 😉)
✓ the significance of strategic hiring, including full-time, fractional, and advisory roles, to ensure alignment with business objectives and maximize performance
✓ 5 red flags that will send investors running in the opposite direction

About our guest, Rita Ferrandino:

Rita Ferrandino has built an international reputation as one of the most effective strategists and coalition-builders in the education entrepreneurship community.  She is a recognized STEM education expert, an authority on US education policy and politics, and a leader in Future of Work strategies.  She currently serves on the White House Task Force for Florida. 

Rita is the founding partner at Arc Capital Development, a global private investment and advisory firm.  Arc invests in, operates and advises companies in the education and corporate training markets and has served over 150 clients in the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Ireland, Turkey, Israel & India.  Arc clients and portfolio companies provide products generating over a billion dollars a year worldwide.  

Rita currently is the Innovation Consultant at the Catalyst@PennGSE Innovation Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.  She was the lead Capstone instructor at the Education Entrepreneurship Graduate Program for four years.  For three years, she was President of the Education Design Studio Inc Incubator funded in collaboration with the Milken Foundation & University of Pennsylvania

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