Erin Mayhood – CEO Mentor Collective: Driving Career Success Through Mentorship

Mentorship transformed my life. From a low-income background to becoming a CEO, dedicated mentors played a pivotal role in guiding my journey and helping me overcome challenges.

Erin Mayhood

The guidance of a mentor in your life can profoundly impact both, your professional and personal development. I know for me – if it wasn’t for the presence of several key people encouraging and helping me navigate the terrain during my formative years, Jack Hammer Global wouldn’t be where it is today. This is why I was so excited to talk to Erin Mayhood, CEO of Mentor Collective on the podcast today.  

Erin shares her experience transitioning into her new CEO role, emphasizing the new perspectives and, no surprise here, support and mentorship she’s encountered from investors, peers, and leaders along the way. And that is exactly what Erin has been appointed to do – to enhance Mentor Collective’s mission to enhance student success through mentorship, offering personalized support and actionable insights to higher education institutions.

Debbie & Erin dig into:

✓ Erin’s inspiring career transition from Chief Product Officer to CEO
✓  how mentors can help you make strategic career decisions
qualities of effective leadership and how mentors can help develop these traits

About our guest, Erin Mayhood:

Erin Mayhood is Mentor Collective’s current CEO and Former VP of Product. Erin is a veteran Edtech leader and former higher education administrator who brings a wealth of experience to the role. Most recently, she spent seven years in executive leadership roles at Interfolio before joining Mentor Collective in 2020. Erin launched Interfolio’s first B2B Enterprise solution and helped the company define and win the Faculty Information System category in US and UK higher education.

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