The 10% Investment That Will Get Your Business Game Back On

Disruption. Uncertainty. Rapid technological advancement. Obsolescence.

We all know that the world of work and business is changing and transforming rapidly, even exponentially. I’ve seen some form of a Moore’s Law graph at every conference I’ve attended in the last year, and it’s not hard to see that the world is on the cusp of another massive shift.

Yet while every business leader knows this, not everyone knows what to do about it, and this uncertainty can give rise to ineffectual and even counter-productive responses.

On an intellectual level, business leaders and entrepreneurs know that they must act, as treading water is not an option. On a practical level however, many, if not most businesses, simply don’t know where to grasp and where to let go.

The question then is: How does one identify the as-yet unknown opportunities that will inevitably emerge with the shifting tides, and what does one do to protect against the impact of technological disruption?


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