Does MBA guarantee you a lucrative financial package?

With the value of pursuing an MBA increasingly under scrutiny, Jack Hammer CEO, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, expert weighs in on if the qualification is still a differentiator for professionals looking to make themselves more desirable from hiring perspectives.

The CEO of top executive search firm Jack Hammer, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, says pursuing this qualification could turn out to be an expensive and disappointing exercise if done for the sole reason of landing a top position with a lucrative financial package.

Despite this, she points out that an MBA from an elite international business school is still highly regarded – including by niche lenders willing to finance such studies – and chances are good that a professional with an elite MBA will be snapped up for a top job with a highly desirable package.

She says it is clear that an MBA from an elite institution is still a safe bet, and that its value is estimated so highly that lenders are willing to finance these studies.

“In recent months, we have noted some niche lenders invite study-loan applications from prospective students, but only from those who intend to study at top international business schools,” says Goodman-Bhyat.

“What is interesting here, are the credit risk criteria – the ability of borrowers to repay their loans, based on their likely future earnings once they attain their international MBA.”

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