Finding the facts: South Africa’s future leaders


In this, our 2015 Executive Report, we ambitiously sought to gaze into the crystal ball to see what our leadership landscape will look like in the next decade, or so. Are we on the right path, or are we continuing down the same road with the same challenges and roadblocks unique to our country?

By using various data sets, and comparing, analysing and extrapolating them, we were able to arrive at some surprising insights. We believe that the insights gained should give pause to companies, and in some instances prompt strategy rethink.

Fortunately, the answers we found also provide a useful roadmap for companies who want to go beyond complying with codes, and toward embracing a new trajectory on their growth path.

At Jack Hammer, we are privileged to be able to assist SA’s leading companies on this important journey, by finding them the right leaders in the right places at the right time.

Because when leaders fit, they reveal their greatness, and help to grow great companies.

Download our ebook here: Exec Report 3

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