LinkedIn and search – they aren’t mutually exclusive

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool. It provides access to data around talent relatively quickly and can often narrow the pool of talent in a considerably shortened time.

There is a flaw, though: this information is completely unverified. No checks, references nor the intensive interviewing process that will inevitably highlight the red flags and show up inaccuracies and ‘embellishments’.

Undoubtedly, it’s quick and provides very broad access – so the ability to post and advertise a role to a wide audience is definitely not in question.

But herein lies the second challenge: how does one filter the multitude of applicants who respond to job posts? My clients tell me that they are frequently needing to filter 200 – 500 applications! Who honestly has that time, when they have other far more pressing deadlines and responsibilities?

At Jack Hammer, we increasingly see critical senior level roles being posted, and wonder why?

We’ve heard that it’s cost effective. We’ve heard that, on the odd occasion, there are good applicants, and that if one has the time to sift and screen, there are times when hiring managers can get lucky.

But, for the most part, the volume of applicants coupled with unverified information, AND the fact that LinkedIn job posts are still primarily capturing only active applicants, mean that some hiring managers bring search in to support them in processes like this, either concurrently to provide additional profiles or to take the onerous task of sifting through the masses of applications to support them because, ultimately, the goal is to make the right hiring decision.

If you’re a hiring manager looking for other options, and want to know more about our process, how we engage with professionals who are NOT actively looking for a job, and how we’ll be able to bring you a very concise, highly qualified shortlist of top candidates within a pre-determined time frame, feel free to reach out for a call.

I’d love to connect!

Michelle Bedford-Shaw

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