Jack Hammer – What’s in a Name?

When we decided to call our executive search firm ‘Jack Hammer’, we were in the early stages of establishing ourselves as a boutique, with an approach to delivery that was obsessive and fierce. Our tagline, ‘relentlessly getting it right’, encapsulated our rigour, energy and drive for great outcomes, always.

Over time, we matured. With our passion and intent for excellence, we had now become established as one of the top executive search firms in Africa, and it was time to revisit our purpose. To review what had emerged after many years of hammering away, relentlessly.

We discovered that our pursuit of excellence, and our orientation towards a creative, out-the-box modus operandi had sustained. After many thousands of hours focused on ‘finding great leaders’ for companies throughout Africa, we had become deep experts at our craft of identifying, and helping companies secure the kinds of leaders who help them grow.

And then we started to notice something new.

A growing aspiration from ‘great leaders’ (and young up-and-coming leaders) to do work that has meaning and impact. To work for companies that have a purpose beyond financial gain, to spend their time as leaders doing work that matters. To work in environments and cultures that empower and care for people, so that everyone can do their best work.

We realised that this had become our purpose, too.

To find great leaders for companies doing great work.

– Debbie Goodman-Bhyat


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