Executive stress levels – And what to do about it!

Stress can kill you. Fact.

And even if one’s heart remains beating, it can wear one down so significantly that life loses its meaning, and you spend your waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours in a state of despair, anxiety and misery.

The frequency of executive level burnout, and the increase in sabbaticals being taken by professionals (at all levels of the corporate hierarchy) is evidence that our working world is spiralling out of control, and causing both mental and physical un-wellness.

We know the data – lack of engagement, increased absenteeism, etc. But most of all, sheer unhappiness. Not good.

So, what to do about it? Well, there are scientifically proven practices and tools at relatively easy access – think yoga and meditation – that can help.

And here’s another one – completely unproven (scientifically), but with solid enough anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s worth a try.

When you find yourself getting wound up by a curve-ball that leaves you sick-to-the-stomach, with lingering angst or spiralling (downward) emotions, ask yourself the following questions:

Will this matter to me tomorrow?
Will this matter to me next week?
Will this matter to me next month?
Will I even remember this 6 weeks from now?

I’m willing to bet that most of the time, you’re likely to find that the problem that’s causing you so much angst will at best be a distant memory within a couple of weeks.

And so if the pain and suffering that you’re experiencing right now is probably going to pass really quickly, here’s what I can offer as a solution:

Right now.


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