Executive Appointments – Do you need to be Discreet?

Over the last few years as online platforms like LinkedIn have entered and substantially shifted elements of the recruitment sector, I’ve received many queries from industry insiders and outsiders, asking about the viability and future of executive search.

‘Do companies still need to use executive search professionals, when they can find the people themselves?’ is the common query.

My response, based on the fact that Jack Hammer is not only still in business, but continues to grow each year, is simply, ‘Yes’.

There are many reasons why. Many. But the one I’d like to cover in this article is: ‘Discretion’.

When a company wants to go to market to identify potential candidates for a high level role, which needs to be kept confidential for one reason or another, there are very few options on how to do this successfully. Best, most effective, and most discreet, is to have the search process conducted by a trusted third party (aka, Executive Search Firm).

Scenarios such as: the incumbent is still in the role; the company is setting up something new that they are not yet ready to make public; a high profile leader is leaving and it would be a business risk if this was out in the open; (and many more); are the typical preambles to the mandates we receive.

So regardless of how wonderful digital recruitment technology may be, a discreet approach to source and engage top leaders must still be done the ‘old fashioned’ way.

Through human connection, person to person, discreetly.

Which is, these days, so unusual that it’s become our market differentiator!

– Debbie Goodman-Bhyat


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