Easing into 2019

I’m a massive goal-setter.

I have spreadsheets for my big picture life and business goals, my one-year goals, and every month….yes…a spreadsheet for my monthly goals. My lists are legendary and, although I don’t always achieve everything I set out to do, my mantra is ‘it’s better to get halfway to a big one than aim too low’.

This year, 2019, I’m trying something different. I’ve taken a HUGE risk, and as at 6 January 2019 – I have an empty page. Believe it or not (in fact, I’m sure my entire team is going to think that I’m seriously unwell), I have not a single goal laid out. Yet.

And here’s the reason. 2018 was an exhausting year. I juggled many more balls than usual – Jack Hammer; my new start-up business, Virtual Coaching Partners; starting writing a new book, training for a marathon (my first, the Vic Falls Marathon), and traveling to the US 5 (FIVE) times during the year for new business opportunities.

So, I’ve decided to ease in to 2019, in the interests of having an easier year, with greater flow, and much less friction.

Here are the three key questions I’m asking myself:
1. What activities nourish and enrich me, and bring me joy? Can I do one of these every day?
2. What depletes my energy? Can I outsource these activities? Can I stop doing them altogether, or share the load?
3. Which relationships (friends, family, colleagues) are the ones I want to invest in this year?

And then here are some of my thoughts as I contemplate the year ahead:
1. Less is more. Focus on a few key things, and stop trying to do little bits of everything.
2. Life is too short to waste it in traffic. Figure out a work-life plan so that as little time as possible is spent on the road.
3. Be excellent. Robots are shortly taking over the world so, for us humans, the only option is excellence.

I’ll no doubt shortly set about some actual vision-goal setting. For now, I’m still easing in.

And with this in mind, I wish you a wonderful, easy year ahead.


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