Market Mapping

With market maps, we help you make some of your best and most informed decisions. Market Mapping (also called ‘Talent Mapping’) provides assurance on important business (and people) decisions, by giving you data and insights.

Our clients use market maps to answer questions like:

“What does the market of diversity talent in South Africa look like for a specific role, and who are the top black (or female) leaders?”

“Should we make an internal appointment (case study), or is there a more suitable candidate out there?”

“How do we create leadership succession?”

“What does the market of African executive talent look like in the various regions and countries in Africa?”

Each market mapping project is customized according to the specific needs of our clients. A high quality mapping project is extremely resource and time intensive – but the outcomes can be invaluable if the project is scoped carefully, with clear objectives at the outset.

We’ve also seen cases where market maps have been a colossal waste of our clients’ time and money. We’d prefer this not to happen, so if you’d like to discuss your needs and assess if a market map is the right option for your company, please feel free to call an executive search consultant to discuss.

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