Organisational Strategy & Leadership

When organisations seek change in direction or renewal of strategy, independent experts are frequently needed to apply fresh perspectives, assist to construct an objective view, and provide specialised facilitation for the design of new organisational and leadership frameworks.

The list of case study examples is long, particularly in our current era of disruption and change. Here are a few of the common challenges our clients encounter:

  • New investors or shareholders who desire enhanced growth, but are unclear about whether the leadership team and workforce on the ground can support or drive the growth strategy
  • Long tenured founder-CEO’s and executive teams reaching retirement – but without succession plans – resulting in a potential leadership vacuum
  • Revenue or market share declining due to tech (or other) innovation from competitors, and needing to consider new directions and new people

Our Advisory Partner, Steve Glendinning, offers Boards and leadership teams strategic support and guidance, helping them to understand the full extent of their challenge and then offering solutions for new ways forward.

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