Leadership Coaching

The executive landscape is a complex and challenging one to navigate, even for experienced leaders, who are frequently in transition.

Think about it – top leaders, senior executives, and even emerging leaders, are seldom in one role for a sustained period. And even if the job title is the ‘same’, the role is invariably shifting and changing constantly.

Transitions are at their most obvious with new executive appointments, when leaders are expected to ‘land’, or ‘hit the ground running’ and start making an impact in their new roles within a relatively short period.

With heightened complexity and pace in the corporate landscape in the 21st century, this is often an unrealistic expectation.

Jack Hammer is encouraging companies to enhance the likelihood of an effective and successful transition for new leadership appointments, by including an ‘integrated’ executive coaching process for the first 6 – 9 months.

By the time a new leader, or their board or manager, is signalling the need for support, it’s possibly (probably) a little late in the day. So rather include executive coaching as part of the onboarding process, to enable the best possible transition and success for all the stakeholders.

Jack Hammer partners with Virtual Coaching Partners to offer you a range of top leadership coaches in the most accessible way, at the most affordable rates. Call us to discuss further.

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