Leadership Assessments

Jack Hammer offers internationally-accredited psychometric assessments through a strategic partnership with JvR Consulting Psychologists, a division of the JvR Africa Group, who have been specialists in this area for more than 20 years.

Together with JvR, we will customise the correct group of psychometric and leadership assessment tools, that will enable you to gain insights (and assurance) on the leadership capabilities, organisational values and behaviours, succession potential, strengths and development areas of your selected candidates.

It’s critical to get executive and senior management appointments as ‘right’ as possible – and while psychometric assessments are not a ‘perfect’ science, they can provide hugely valuable information to support key leadership placements.

We chose this alliance partly because of JvR’s superb range of leadership assessment tools, but mostly because of their high quality assessment feedback, great service and willingness to accommodate our executive clients and candidates, as well as their quick turnaround.

Because all of these matter, particularly when we’re in the closing phases of an executive appointment.

To discuss the different assessment options, as well as costs (there is quite a vast range, depending on what you’re assessing), feel free to contact Advaita Naidoo, or one of our executive consultants for more information.

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