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We help companies hire remarkable people, to lead and grow thriving teams

Great leaders are hard to find and secure, and managing the hiring process with top executive and C-suite level candidates requires a high level of mastery to get the outcomes you want.

So whether you’re searching for a new leader, or considering making an internal appointment (and need to benchmark your existing talent pool with the external market), partnering with a trusted executive search firm is undoubtedly the most effective solution.

Of course, we’re biased, but we think you should consider partnering with us!

With more than 20 years in the trenches, helping companies build and diversify their leadership teams and boards, we’d love to help you too. We look beyond the obvious – sometimes in unlikely places – drilling deep and hammering away until we’ve found the right ones.

Board, C-Suite, Executive, and Senior Management

Jack Hammer sources at Board, C-Suite, Executive and senior management levels, across a wide range of functions. Most of the time, we’re helping to fill the toughest roles, where the pool of great people is in high demand, and the best leaders are unlikely to be actively looking for a job.

Most of the time, we’re helping to fill the toughest roles, where the pool of great people is in high demand, and the best leaders are unlikely to be actively looking for a job.

Our executive search method is both science and art. It’s a process that takes meticulous precision, utilizing data and creativity, rigor and empathy, and an unwavering willingness to do the right thing, with no shortcuts.

Here’s what we’re proud of: Firstly, exceptional client and candidate engagement and service. And secondly (in no particular order), producing great results on hard-to-fill executive placements, with a 100% successful shortlist delivery rate. Which, in the global C-suite executive search industry, is exceptional.
To discover more about our executive placement process (and why we’re one of the top executive search agencies in Africa) – feel free to call to speak to an executive recruiter or hear what our clients have to say.


Q: What’s the difference between executive search firms, headhunter firms, executive recruitment firms and executive placement agencies?

A: We totally understand why this must be confusing! The executive search industry is not regulated, and so companies that do the work of executive recruitment can categorise or label themselves any way they like. So ask lots of questions about the process, methodology, and deliverables. For a c-suite executive search process, there should be a dedicated team of experienced executive recruiters working on the search project, proactively identifying and reaching out to relevant leaders, conducting a rigorous screening and interviewing process, and ensuring delivery of a high quality shortlist of suitably qualified candidates.


Q: Do your executive search Africa and executive search South Africa processes differ?

A: Our methodology is very similar, but each country in Africa has its own unique talent pools and approach to sourcing leaders. In addition, we typically conduct multi-country searches for African leaders, including the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.


Q: As a top 10 executive search firm in South Africa, can you help me with executive search placements?

A: Whether you’re looking to hire an executive, or if you are a C-suite leader looking for career advice or a next career move, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will ensure the strictest level of confidentiality is applied.

“It has been a great privilege for me to finally have the chance to work with you - and to see the consistency and professionalism you bring from both a board and hiring manager perspective.

Congratulations on all you continue to do to grow Jack Hammer and have impact on the world!”
- Chris Bradford, co-Founder and CEO: African Leadership Academy

“Our candidate is doing wonderfully. The gap that we had needed someone who would hit the ground running and she did and she has taken ownership. She's been remarkable and the culture fit is spot on.”
- Pat Hadebe, Finance Manager: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

“First and most important I think we found an ideal candidate. The process agreed for the search was implemented to plan. All in all a very positive experience; I would recommend your firm and I would rate your service highly.”
- Steve Ross, Board Director: Christel House International

“Your help and assistance have been invaluable and it’s been a pleasure to work with you on this important hire.”
- Dawid Rheeder, former MD, Europe and South Africa: Higher Ed Partners

“I have such appreciation for all the hard work done on the recruitment side and all in record time. We can be quite difficult but Jack Hammer’s efforts have really given us momentum in South Africa. They have laid a great foundation for us.”
- Tava Madzinga
“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jack Hammer; very professional service offering which delivered us an excellent set of candidates, Many thanks and look forward to working with you again.”
- Bruce Steen
“(The new CEO) is working out very well and the change in the business is very noticeable already. He has been a great hire and more importantly he is really enjoying himself.”
- Paul Hanratty, Group CEO: Sanlam
“The experience again was great and very professional.”
- Gerrie Fourie, CEO: Capitec
“Jack Hammer delivered quality candidates in line with the brief and kept me informed thought the process, helping to manage my expectations. Moreover, they demonstrated great flexibility on their part whenever there was a change in our requirements. Overall, it was a great experience for me as the client.”
- Bongiwe Gangeni, Deputy CEO: RBB ABSA
“One phrase I learned from Jack Hammer is “we don’t look at the problem, we look at the solution. Jack Hammer matches the need of the company and the individual. This sounds simple but is very difficult to achieve. Jack Hammer perfected this in my process.”
- Thys van Zyl, Finance Director: Rijk Zwaan
“Jack Hammer is our ‘go to’ recruiter for senior-level searches in our portfolio companies (including several FMCG businesses). They have achieved great results for us, even on the most challenging assignments across Southern Africa.”
- Peter Baird, former Head of Private Equity: Investec Asset Management
“We worked with Jack Hammer on recruiting a very specific profile for an industrial start up. They captured our challenges well, despite the unusual mandate. Candidates were of high calibre with some original profiles, which enriched our thinking. Overall a great experience; we’ve experienced the same professionalism with the whole team.”
- Jerome Boyet, Managing Director: TMH Africa

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