Career Coaching

Whether you’re at an advanced stage in your career, or just getting out of the starting blocks, the ‘next’ career move or transition is one of life’s most stressful events. And it’s tough to navigate this on your own.

It’s also really hard to ask for and find the right resources to help guide you through this period. (It’s not typical conversation for dinner parties, or with your boss, or spouse….and in any case, they’re hardly qualified to help!).

Virtual Coaching Partners (VCP) is a unique digital platform, connecting people who want to make shifts in their careers, with world-class coaches – in the most convenient, accessible and affordable way possible.

Operating in association with Jack Hammer and GSI, VCP offers a range of personalised career coaching programmes, partnered by a top quality coach, wherever you are in the world.

Delivering life- and career-changing impact.

It’s like having a personal fitness trainer for your career. The results are always going to be better than doing it on your own!

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