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Great leaders build amazing workplaces where everyone thrives

Executive search

Great leaders are hard to find. So we look beyond the obvious – sometimes in unlikely places – drilling deep from start to finish. We give you a honed set of choices that fit your business, and help you navigate the process of choosing and appointing the right person.

We source at Board, C-Suite, Executive and senior management levels, across a wide range of functions. Most of the time, we help to fill your toughest roles, in challenging markets, where our executive hiring expertise ensures great hiring decisions.

Leadership Coaching

The executive landscape is a complex and challenging one to navigate, even for experienced leaders, who are frequently in transition. We provide an integrated executive coaching process that supports leaders through demanding transitions to increase and assure their positive impact. Transition periods include new executive appointments, leadership succession and internal promotions, executive readiness for emerging leaders, and others.

Market mapping

With talent maps, we help you make some of your best and most informed decisions. Talent Mapping (also called ‘Market Mapping’) provides assurance on important business (and people) decisions, by giving you data and insights. Our clients use talent maps to answer questions like:

“We want to diversify our leadership team; can you show us a diversified talent pool?”
“Should we make an internal appointment, or is there a more suitable candidate out there?”
“How do we create leadership succession”?

Leadership Assessments

We offer internationally-accredited psychometric assessments through a strategic partnership with JvR Consulting Psychologists. With more than twenty years’ of expertise in the JvR Africa Group, and together with a local and global network of partners and associates, they are at the forefront of providing clients with sound people investment propositions. They provide commentary (and assurance) on leadership capabilities, organisational values and behaviours, succession potential, strengths and development areas – using the most valid and reliable methodologies, within your budget and timeframes.

Non-Executive Directors

Jack Hammer offers a blend of search and networking, providing a ‘vetted’ longlist of potential candidates for review by the nomination committee. From ‘high flyers’ who are ready for their first non-executive or chair appointment to seasoned individuals, the Jack Hammer team assesses capability, capacity and conflicts of interest.

Organisational Strategy & Leadership

When organisations seek change in direction or renewal of strategy, independent experts are frequently needed to apply fresh perspectives, assist to construct an objective view, and provide specialised facilitation for the design of new organisational and leadership frameworks.

We give you insights, choices and assurance about leaders.

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