Tracy Dawson


As a Partner at Jack Hammer, Tracy is one of Africa’s foremost experts on C-suite leadership and social impact on the continent. This includes financial inclusion, health systems strengthening and digital transformation. A strong ally in global assignments, she has secured complex executive-level appointments in many African and European geographies.

Tracy’s current portfolio of work is all about building Africa-based, African-led leadership teams to solve the continent’s most pressing problems. The solutions are often technology-led, which particularly suits Tracy’s orientation, and many years’ experience as an executive search professional.  

She’s most comfortable in the C-suite, where the conversation is about finding the leader most suited to the business imperative. Her deep market knowledge, combined with her people intuition (and with the backing of a fantastic research team), means she can be relied on by her clients to support exceptional hires. Her enthusiasm and her belief in the potential of Africa, can be contagious.

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