NPO checklist for hiring in Africa

Here’s your Pre-Hire Checklist – an essential list of dos and dont’s to ensure a successful hire for your NPO in Africa.

The market

  • Do you understand your market well enough to know if there is a sufficient talent pool in the country you’re looking to make an appointment?
  • Is the region one that holds appeal for candidates not currently living there?

Job ad / market penetration

  • Do you know which job boards are best for your role, and will give you best exposure to the relevant talent pool?
  • Does your recruitment partner have access to the right people, in the right markets?

Permits and Visas

  • Is your HR team aware of all the legal implications on hiring for the country you’re working in?
  • Have all work permits and residence visas been applied for?


  • Does your offer take into account all the ‘bells and whistles’ needed to secure a top candidate to work in Africa?
  • Have you considered the withholding tax that the salary would be subject to?

    Time to appointment

    • Have you taken into account delays owing to limited infrastructure, cultural issues, public holidays or shutdown periods on the continent?
    • What impact will Covid-19 have on interviews, site visits and relocation?

    Download the checklist as a PDF, and get more expert advice on hiring in Africa.

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