Mental Wellness should be Leaders’ top concern
It’s March 2021, and the ‘anniversary’ of living and working in a (mostly) virtual world. If you haven’t gone stir crazy yet, not to worry – there’s still time! Despite hybrid work models popping up, we’re likely to be running a WFH marathon for some time. Here are the key themes that need close attention.
Mental Wellness should be Leaders' top concern
The capacity and resilience of people (including company leaders themselves) will possibly be the single biggest determinant of growth and success in the year ahead. Read more about how leaders can make a significant impact.
Video interview 101 in the year 2021 – Execs, this one’s for you!
As we’re likely to be interviewing from the comfort (or discomfort) of our homes for quite a while longer, these key tips and techniques must be mastered to optimise your interviews.
So how do you know if they’re good?
While online resourcing tools can send you a good resume for your role, even the best AI can’t tell a good candidate from a great one. This is at the heart of what we do. With proven success.
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