Boardroom diversity – why is this still not happening?
Boardroom diversity (or the ongoing lack thereof) is becoming more and more of a big deal globally. When even the Nasdaq is murmuring about this, you know it’s top of mind for some of the most powerful organisations in the world.
Why boardroom diversity matters
Recruiting suitable, diverse candidates can be difficult, but there’s no doubt that diversity gives companies the edge. McKinsey & Company has been examining diversity for several years and its research confirms that companies with greater gender and ethnic diversity in their management teams and boards performed better financially. Read more about how companies can shift the needle.
Best holiday read on leadership: No Rules Rules
The book that should be on every leader’s holiday reading list is No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, by Reed Hastings. Consider this compulsory reading for any progressive leader who wants to know how to use company culture as the key driver of outperformance.
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Our annual bonus survey: The results are in
The Jack Hammer annual bonus and business sentiment survey is out, albeit with a COVID spin. While executives are not expecting salary increases next year, the overall outlook is circumspect but positive.
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