What’s New in ‘The Hybrid’?
Here’s the million dollar (or in some cases bitcoin) question: Do you have confidence that your leadership team has what it takes to achieve – or exceed – your company’s objectives? This month’s newsletter addresses this question, and also sheds light on women in top jobs in South Africa (it’s Women’s Month, after all!).
How is SA doing in diversifying its corporate leadership?
Since 2015, the Jack Hammer data centre has been measuring not only the number of female CEOs who make up the JSE Top 40 index, but also the number of women in the pipeline to the top spot. Read our full update for the breakdown.
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The Living Room Leader
Making the right hire in the Blockchain industry
With companies scaling fast and the war for talent being ultra competitive, it’s easy to mis-step. But how do you ensure your preferred hire is the right hire? If you apply tried and true methodology, you reduce your risk considerably.
 Measure twice, cut once: How to ensure your search is a success
Leadership talent audit
Companies conduct financial and IT audits on an ongoing basis, but they measure their leadership talent as a whole far less regularly (if at all). Does your organisation have the right leaders in place to reach its growth and impact objectives, and what is your leadership risk profile?
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 Jack Hammer has a new Kenyan partner
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