Preparing for the future of work: Debbie Goodman of Jack Hammer on the top five trends to watch in the future of work

Social impact is a critical differentiator for attracting top talent. The way in which high-quality candidates make decisions about their future has changed. Emerging as one of the key differentiators in the talent attraction process is the value, purpose and meaning that companies offer their employees. The pandemic period has been intensely introspective for many, resulting in a re-evaluation of priorities, and more people seeking to gain meaning (rather than just money) from their daily work.

To address this open question, we reached out to successful leaders in business, government, and labor, as well as thought leaders about the future of work to glean their insights and predictions on the future of work and the workplace.

As a part of this interview series called “Preparing For The Future Of Work”, Authority Magazine recetnly interviewed Jack Hammer CEO, Debbie Goodman. Read the full interview here.

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