The Executive Workscape in 2015 – What we’re thinking…

Firstly, HNY (aka Happy New Year) to all our regular and new readers of this blog. Yes, I know, it’s February already, and not cool to still be offering new year greetings, but January passed in a flash!

As always, I start the year with renewed vigour around my intended regularity to articulate (in the written form) my thoughts and opinions about our truly fascinating world of executive search and careers in the C-Suite.

And, as always, stuff gets in the way and blogging falls off the priority list. So, learning from experience, we’re trying something new….with the emphasis on “we”. Several members of my magnificent team have agreed to participate and supplement my meagre samples with their own contributions during the year. Expect some different views, opinions and writing styles.

Secondly, I must credit Liz Wiseman, President of The Wiseman Group and author of several books including her most recent “Rookie Smarts”, for the lovely word “Workscape”. For me, this word epitomises merging work-life, the professional-personal integration that we’re seeing as a big trend in the Leadership landscape.

It also perfectly depicts the unique culture, energy, and team ethos at Jack Hammer – which we’ll also be sharing and writing about more frequently in the year ahead.

Lastly, a message to any executives who may be feeling a measure of anxiety around the economic climate and the potential implications on their jobs: there remains an ongoing and fierce demand for talented leaders in all sectors of the market. This does not mean a great, high-paying job for every average Joe but, if you’re awesome at what you do, fear not! There is much hope out there.

Have a brilliant 2015.
Over and out.

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat

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