Search Engine Optimisation and Executive Jobs

One of the reasons that I write this blog is to pen down the ideas about the executive search landscape that pop into my head every few days (or weeks, or months….sometimes ideas are scarce!). It’s nice to have an outlet for those random thoughts that roam inside by brain, and then once they’re written down, they vacate the space for new random thoughts.

But, let’s be frank, one of the other primary reasons for blogging, is to provide enough keyword fodder for Google’s algorithms, so that the Jack Hammer website can achieve a measure of search engine optimization. Or in other words, appear on the first page, as near to the top as possible, of any relevant Google search (because the best way for something to stay a secret is for it to appear on the second page of a Google search!).

Out of interest, in case anyone was wandering, the keywords I should be using as I write (based on some very scientific research) are the following: “Executive placements”, “International recruitment agencies”, “headhunters South Africa” and “executive search”.

But it’s not easy to keep on and on using the same old phrases and vocabulary. After all, my random thoughts will not be put into boxes – they want creative freedom to roam and evolve, without limitation and keyword constraints!
And so, while you may see the phrases ‘executive recruitment’ or ‘executive placement’ or even ‘recruitment consultant’ a little more frequently than seems appropriate for literary excellence, I am generally true to the random idea.

As a result, our website may not make it the first page of every Google search for ‘executive jobs’, ‘executive search’, or ‘executive placements’…but I’m ok with that!

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