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Resources for executive-level hiring in Africa

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Africa is a continent, not a country. And each country has its own unique needs and challenges when sourcing leaders and executives.

So what’s the big deal? Is the search for executives in African countries really that much more demanding and tough to navigate than anywhere else?

The succinct answer to this is YES.

A longer answer will be found in conversation with hiring managers who have tried to apply recruitment processes that work well in highly developed markets, and then discovered that it’s definitely not ‘same-same’ for Africa!

We hope you’ll find our Africa Desk resources useful, in preparation for any executive search or headhunting project, or as a source of data and insights about the talent landscape in several of the key economic hubs in Africa. 

And, if you prefer not to got it alone and rather partner with an executive search firm that knows their way around hiring in Africa, has a network of African leadership talent globally, as well as on-the-ground presence in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, and DRC – please get in touch.

Global multinationals seeking to invest in Africa are no longer automatically opting for South Africa first before spreading their wings to the rest of the continent, but are instead increasingly setting up shop directly in the market they wish to enter.

Jack Hammer CEO, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, gave some more insight to this in a recent interview with eNCA.


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